Commercial Carpet Cleaning London

RFM Carpet Cleaning

We can offer a range of carpet cleaning services to suit the type of carpet to be cleaned. We have the traditional wet extraction carpet cleaning system which achieves good results on many types of carpets and we also have other specialised systems which achieve excellent

From the moment of we start working with our clients we want the entire experience to be as easy for you as possible. We are carpet cleaning experts, with years of experience to enable us to restore even the most tired carpets.

Using the latest and most effective equipment, we will clean your rugs and carpets without you having to lift a finger.

  • We will move your furniture before we start and replace it to its original position on protectors
  • We carry out individual stain removal to ensure nothing is left untouched
  • We offer stain protection treatments for your carpets to protect you from those unruly stains and spills

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